Quick loans – who uses them and why?

When, how much and why do we borrow money? How often do we use a smartphone for this? Who is the client of a loan company? These questions are answered by the analysis carried out by the Good Finance

It is estimated that nearly 3 million Poles use the services of loan companies, and the market itself is valued at USD 6 billion. According to a study commissioned by the National Bank of Poland in autumn 2015, one in ten Poles is interested in a quick loan. Moreover, this number is still increasing.

Why do we use payday loans?

Why do we use payday loans?

There is no definite answer to this question. One of the reasons for sure is the lack of savings that could help us finance sudden and unforeseen expenses. Only 3.5 percent households boast of having blackheads. If there is a shortage of cash, we can do nothing but use a loan.

It’s best to take it from family or friends. But what if we can’t count on the support of our loved ones? It remains to look for an external source of financing in the form of a loan. Online loans are becoming more and more popular due to their availability, speed and anonymity.

Who is the client of a loan company?

Who is the client of a loan company?

The customer who takes an online loan from Good Finance is usually a male. His name is Piotr, he is 33 years old and lives in the province of Mazowieckie. The client’s name is usually Anna. The second most popular name is Katarzyna, and the third – Agnieszka.

Our client is more and more aware and mature. He has often used loans and credits. That is why he knows how to borrow responsibly – emphasizes Edwin Milewski, President of Mała, the owner of the Good Finance. – Interestingly, contrary to the existing stereotype, this is not only a person who has been successfully cleared by the bank – adds Edwin Milewski.

As shown last year’s analysis of the Credit Information Bureau, as much as 79 percent. The clients of loan companies have an active bank loan, and the most interesting is that over half of them pay their liabilities on time.

When is the time for a quick online loan?

As analysis of the Good Finance shows, Monday at 11.00 is the moment when the most loan applications are received. Sunday is the least popular. And for what period do customers borrow most often? On average, for 28 days.

How do we borrow

How do we borrow

At Good Finance, it takes an average of 12 minutes to complete a cash transfer order after a positive loan decision. 36 seconds. In turn, mobile devices are an increasingly popular sales channel. Almost 25 percent loans are granted via a mobile phone and tablet.

Poles are increasingly the owners of smartphones, and they want to use services – including financial ones – here and now. According to the “Global Mobile Consumer Survey” conducted by the consulting company Good Credit, now 80 percent have access to smartphones. of us and more than half to the tablet. Hence, investment in a mobile sales channel is necessary.

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